Frequently Asked Questions

General Policies

The laws of my country differ from those of the United States... Which ones apply?

Since Themezy is a company based out of the United States, we must inform you that the laws of this land will govern the site and all who agree to use it accordingly. By submitting to or using this site, you agree to abide by the laws that govern us and it, so follow the rules, please.

Mature or Unacceptable Content

What are your Mature Content Rules? What is considered unacceptable?

First off, what is absolutely not allowed on Themezy is work that is considered to be pornographic in nature - at all. If we see that something has been uploaded of that nature, it will be removed and/ or the artist will be contacted as our staff deems necessary. We are a different kind of site - we want Themezy to be a family oriented site and welcoming to all. Therefore, we, as a rule, do not allow artwork including nudes or other mature content to be uploaded. "Mature Content" includes (but is not expressly limited to) all works containing nudity, or very suggestive sexual material, unnecessary violence, and other subject matter deemed too sensitive or offensive. Whew! If you still have questions or think your work might be deemed too mature, or 'adult', there is some further information answered in the following questions.

What does Themezy consider to be 'Adult oriented' imagery?

'Adult Oriented' imagery is that which contains pornographic material and/ or content, which is under any circumstance, NOT ALLOWED on the Themezy site. Also, any imagery that is sexually explicit or suggestive or graphic in any way falls under this category. Once again, we are an all ages, user friendly sharing site, so please use good judgement when uploading with us, as each submission is reviewed by our staff.

What are your rules regarding avatars/ profile pictures?

Your profile picture can also be called your avatar or Gravatar (globally recognized avatar), which is the small icon that appears next to your name. Generally, the same things apply to these icons as apply to artwork in general - make sure you are legally allowed to use the image or photograph before uploading it as your own. See the art theft and "Copyright Concerns" and follow accordingly for your profile picture. Anything that you have created that also falls under work and imagery allowed on this site, we welcome as your avatar.

What are your definitions of and rules regarding 'Hate Propaganda'?

Here at Themezy we define 'Hate Propaganda', also known as 'Hate Art', as the recognized national laws do. We also do not allow it on our communal site. Works that promote the hatred of peoples, races, or belief systems other than your own and/ or are created for the detriment of others are considered 'hateful', and will not be allowed to exist as valid artwork on our site. If the staff here deems any artwork, or comment for that matter, 'Hate Art or Propaganda', we will contact the artist/ and/ or delete and remove any work or discussion in question. Let's all be nice, now.

Do you allow 'Adult', explicitly sexual, or pornographic content on Themezy?

No, silly, no, no, no!! This type of work or information will in no way be allowed to adorn the halls of this here website. This website in intended for all ages and types of people and users, and so, to keep the communal aspect of this site alive, we do not allow things of explicit or graphic nature.

Do you allow linking to 'Adult', explicitly sexual, or pornographic sites or content?

Absolutely not. As stated already, Themezy desires to be a welcoming art and design sharing site for all, and therefore will not allow users or visitors to post offsite links to pornographic or explicit material. Post on, but make sure your links are valid and support the Themezy Policies, otherwise our administrative staff will be forced to take action and remove any information or work in question.

Commenting Policies

What are your Commenting Policies?

We want to keep all comments family and user friendly, and encourage review and constructive help, so keep that in mind while commenting! Make friends, not war!

Copyright Concerns

What does Themezy consider to be Art Theft?

This is what is known as "Copyright Infringement", which in plain words is taking someone else's work and claiming it as your own. In more detailed words, art theft is when someone takes another's original artwork, writing, design, or photography, and modifies, reworks, or alters it (or doesn't change it at all) and puts their signature on it claiming it as their original piece. This is not allowed on Themezy. We support original artists and their works, not those merely built upon others' established creativity. Forms of art theft can include (but obviously are not limited to): taking another's work and blurring, manipulating, coloring over - merely paraphrasing in order to claim authorship. Other forms include using 'found' images from somewhere on the internet or from books or video games that belong to others - that original image/ work is always the legal property of the source, so don't take them!! Stealing is wrong!! Being influenced by others is fundamentally different - all artists can and should be influenced by others' works - it makes for a more rich and beautiful piece, just make sure what you take and use is filtered through your own creativity to produce something truly authentic. And so, of course, if the staff here at Themezy believes your work to be more or less authored by someone else, and has not come from valid, legal, stock, or public resources, have no doubt we will contact you immediately and/ or remove any artwork in question. Yay for authenticity!!

Why was my file relocated or moved?

Most likely because we thought it would be better suited in another category or gallery, and placed it in a space more users and visitors would be able to find and use it appropriately. It's not that we think you were wrong, we just know a little about this site and how people best use it, and want what you share to always come across the most traffic in order to benefit all involved. If you still have questions or concerns regarding the movement of a file, please don't hesitate to contact one of our staff members and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Proper Content Submitting

My file was deleted. Can you tell me why?

First, check to make sure if your file was moved - we may have thought it would be better suited in a different place than the category you submitted it in. If in fact, your file has been removed, it would most likely be because we deemed it inappropriate or unacceptable material (lined out in the "Mature/ Unacceptable Content" policies), and felt the need to remove it in order to maintain the 'all ages, family friendly' atmosphere we desire for the Themezy site.

What are Shallow Resources?

Submissions that do not promote the work of an artist and are rather mere promotions of a name or company are what we call "Shallow Resources". These submissions are not widely usable for our community, and really only advertise, which is something we offer in a category other than submissions, which is... Advertising!! We very much welcome advertisers on our site and would love to work with you on getting your information out there to the very large and active Themezy community. If you would like to get in contact with us about advertising on our Eezy Network, please click on the "Advertise" link on the bottom of our page. We would really appreciate it.

I just signed up for an Eezy account. What features come along with my new account?

Themezy 101: Getting Started Guide

1. Search Free Art

If you signed up for a free account, you can now search and download free art faster. To enjoy this great feature, simply login each time you visit our site.

2. Complete Your Profile

Every Eezy account comes complete with your very own member profile which automatically saves your downloads and "favorites" all in one convenient spot. Simply complete your member profile to get things started!

3. Leave Comments

You’re now in the inner circle. When downloading files, you can contact the artist and leave comments about their work such as a word of thanks or encouragement.

4. Give Back To The Community

Do you have art files and brushes you’ve created just lying around collecting dust? You now have access to share them with other artists to enjoy and use. And best of all, you'll love see their comments and words of appreciation! Share your files now!

Behavior and Interaction

I'm offended by something I saw or something someone said on this website! What should I do?

Well, first of all realize that people are different, believe differently, and create differently, so what you find on this website may be something you do not entirely like or agree with. We do prohibit certain things on this site (see "Mature and Unacceptable Content"), and do try to create an atmosphere for all ages and peoples, and therefore desire all submitters to keep this community spirit in mind. If you in fact view something you believe to be forbidden by our guidelines on this site, or something we hold to be unacceptable content, please contact us with your concerns but clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

How to I report a submission which I think breaks the rules?

First, (remember no one likes a tattle tale) read the Themezy policy guidelines on the subject or content in question, and if you still believe the submission or comment you have come across is unacceptable, please contact us regarding it by clicking the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. We will review the questionable material and take appropriate action. Thanks!

Reporting Abuse

What evidence is required when reporting stolen material?

If you come across something that you believe to be stolen, please let us know by contacting us with sufficient evidence to make a judgement. If found on the internet, you would need to copy the URL address (the http bar at the top of the browser) of the site containing the work of the original artist that needs to be compared with the work that is believed to be stolen or 'ripped'. If you cannot link to something, please provide ample information on how to find the original work, for example - a comic book name or author. Also, please provide an explanation on why you believe the artwork should be judged as stolen, so we can make a more accurate decision. Again, stealing is wrong!!

How do I report people for abuse, harassment, or other issues I may think are violations?

Comments or discussions that are hateful, abusive, those which contain threats or evidence of stalking, or those containing unnecessary aggression should be immediately reported by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. In such reports, please copy and paste the URL address of the page where the comment or discussion took place so that we can locate it and judge what action needs to be taken based on the original words. This is very necessary, since we cannot accurately make decisions without knowing what exactly was said. Once again, let's all be nice, now.

Can I just download the free resources and use them elsewhere?

All works and submissions to the Eezy Network are considered to be the copyrighted property of the artist who made the submission, and therefore, if you desire to use, repost, or in any other way redistribute another person's submission, you will need to check the copyright license on each individual file. The Themezy staff can not and will not grant any out of license usage, since we do not have the right to do so, all we do is offer a place to up/ download/ share and communicate.

Ownership Issues

Can I resell the resources I download from Themezy?

No. The resources you find on this site have been uploaded by individual artists who reserve the copyright and would only be able to sell it themselves. As stated, any use other than what the artist has intended by uploading to this site would need to be legally approved by the original artist by permission or an allowance granted by the license he or she has obtained.

Does Themezy own my resources?

No way! You do! You, as the original artist, reserve all rights relevant to your work at all times, which include the exclusive copyrights to the original artwork. By submitting work to Themezy, you allow us to post and display it as a means of making your resources available to viewers and system users, but in no way does that make us the owners of what you have sweated to create.